Caribbean Massage is the premier medical / Clinical massage in Houston, TX. We focus on relaxation and muscle pain reduction.
We remove the shackles from our therapists to allow them to use any technique during a session with a client as needed. Therapists are encouraged to work with the client to understand what may have caused the issue and create a treatment plan.
The Concept of Caribbean Massage was born from a rocket scientist with a passion to help people. That’s why we have partnered with St Joseph Hospital and are working with doctors and insurance companies to provide better access for those in need.

Our facilities are located at St Joseph Medical Center with easy access to both offices and medical facilities in downtown Houston, Tx.

Phone: 832-295-9700

1315 St Joseph Pkwy. Suite 301
Houston, TX 77002
Web: Http://

Our founder is Bryan Hermann who first went to school at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University he became a rocket scientist. Cemented his career as a rocket scientist at NASA Johnson Space Center for more than a decade. In addition he has more than 20 years of experience as a project manager in many industries from defense to oil and gas.
After many years of trying to help people indirectly and make the world a better place it was time for him to get more hands on. Eureka!!! Massage Therapy as a stepping stone. His ultimate goal is to become a Dr. of Oriental Medicine.

A word from founder – Bryan Hermann
I started this business with a desire to help people feel better and stop walking around with unnecessary pain. Even I have a tendency to ignore my pain and shake it off.
I have had a lot of bad massages in my life and did not know why.
Now I want to help others understand what massage really can do for them.
Massage is not just about relaxation or stress relief, its so much more!