Services Provided: Price:
Simple StartEssentialsEssentialsPlus Plus
Monthly Packages $325 $450 $580 $465 $595
QuickBooks Online Software Included Included Included IncludedIncluded
Daily Backups Included Included Included Included Included
Base Hrs Per month incl. 5 7 9 7 9
Additional Hrs Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
QuickBooks Online Payroll N/A N/A Included N/A Included
Each Employee N/A N/A $2 N/A $2
Tsheets Time Tracking N/A N/A Optional N/A Optional
Track income & expenses X X X X X
Maximize tax deductions X X X X X
Invoice & accept payments X X X X X
Run reports Basic Basic Basic Advanced Advanced
Send estimates X X X X X
Track sales & sales tax X X X X X
Capture & organize receiptsX X X X X
Manage bills X X X X
Multiple users 3 users 3 users 5 + users 5 + users
Track time X X X X
Track projects X X
Track inventory X X
Manage 1099 contractors X X

Additional Base Hrs will be detemined after intitial evaluation of your company.

Phone: 832-295-9700

1322 Space Park Dr. Suite B-137
Houston, TX 77058
Web: Http://

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